qft++ :: a C++ package for numerical quantum field theory calculations

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The qft++ package was written (in C++) to numerically calculate quantum field theory expressions. The API was designed such that the code strongly resembles the hand-written expressions. I've written a paper on it, here's a link.

What does it do?

Classes are provided that perform matrix and tensor operations. These are used as building blocks for field theory classes which handle spinors, polarization vectors/tensors, Dirac matricies, etc. There are also utility methods for calculating Clebsh-Gordon coefficients, Wigner D functions, Regge propagators, etc. See Class List for a complete list of classes.

OK, I don't do physics. What else does it do?

Good for you. This package makes heavy use of templates; thus, a number of template utilities are provided. These include compile-time detection of inheritance, parameter passing optimization, enabling/disabling of class methods via argument type, etc.


The software can be downloaded here. Contact me if there are any problems.


Once you've obtained the source code (see above), simply run make in the qft++/src directory to build the library. Depending on how you write your Makefiles, you may also want to include the qft++/lib directory in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviornment variable.

If you also want to build the tutorials, simply run make in the qft++/tutorials directory as well.

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