Crystal Barrel EPS figure archive

Welcome to the Crystal Barrel EPS and PS archive. Below are 200x200 images of the various postscript files. Don't be put off by the low resolution-- these are just thumbnail pictures. The postscript versions are all publication quality.

If you would like to add some nice multiuse pictures (in .eps format preferably), please email

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Eta_pi0_pi0_dalitz_pub (.eps),

Etap_eta_pi0_9408_dalitz (.eps),

cb (.eps),

fig-daq (.eps),

fig-calorimeter (.eps),

fig-crystal (.eps),

fig-jdc (.eps),

fig-jdcfieldmap (.eps),

fig-lear (.eps),

fig-newjdcfield (.eps),

fig-pbar-complex (.eps),

fig-svx (.eps),

fig-svx3d (.eps),

fig-target (.eps),

fig-trig (.eps),

ksqkppm1 (.eps),

ksqkppm2 (.eps),

nonet (.eps), (xfig)

meson_spect (.eps),

eta_pi_dalitz (.eps),

all-diff (.eps),

dalitz (.eps),

dalitz_plot_3pi0_c (.ps),

dalitz_plot_3pi0_grey (.ps),

Cbar_side (.ps),

Cbar_front (.ps),

ps197 (.ps),

dalitz_pi_pi_eta (.ps),

four-dp (.ps),

dalitz_plot_klklpi (.ps),

dalitz_eta_eta_pi (.ps),